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England’s U B 40 rocks Florida! Music Is the universal language of mankind and the lyrical messages put forth by down pressed artists is both volatile and valid. Musicians are the great poets of today highlighting issues with cleaver song arrangements, empowering the energy of change with sonic crescendos and uniting group consciousness. Aligning the positivity and hope of people from every cultural background with the common denominator of heart based music is reggae music’s grand achievement. The pop reggae masters of sonic love communication, England’s U B 40 delivered a dance happy, lyrically conscious concert event that reached well beyond expectations leaving the audience breathless. The Birmingham, England cross - over reggae sensation U B 40 attained their band name from the number printed on the unemployment benefits application from The United Kingdom’s Department of Employment. The message remains the same as the impoverished youth of the late 1970’s rose out of their hopeless inherited economic misery and touched the world with enjoyable, thought provoking music. Embracing the revolutionary reggae messages of racism, inequality, injustice and suffering and adding the ultimate component of love the multi-racial mix of musicians still possess the vital chemistry of performing music together and manifesting the magic gold elixir of live artistic endeavors. Love rules the universe of artistic expression and U B 40 songs reflect love’s triumphs, tribulations and the constant challenges of maintaining love. Returning to Florida with an optimistic, check your ego at the door stage presence U B 40 allows each musician to shine equally with confidence. Touring for nearly a year with the three original core members after following a lengthy battle with the greed side of the music business the talented troupe seems content to bring the classic hits to new and old fans once again. Assembling top tier, group family oriented musicians that love a band’s starry catalogue of hits is the difficult goal U B 40 has achieved in the face of division proving the road goes on forever. Great songs outlive their legendary authors and U B 40’s relentless pursuit of authenticity keeps the original essence of the song bonded with a new spin. Backing the one of a kind voice of Ali Campbell, staying true to the U B 40 sound and bringing audiences to their feet is UB 40’s spot on goal designed to the delight concert goers. The gifted lead vocalist Ali Campbell, born Alistair Campbell in Birmingham, England lent his legendary smooth rootsy pop inflected voice to dedicated musicians as he personally defined the golden U B 40 sound. His pivotal role as lead and rhythm guitar player, songwriter and frontman as the recognized voice of U B 40 remains unmatched. Campbell’s clear and distinctive, rich and melodic voice has touched the hearts of millions while notching up Four Number 1 singles around the world with over 40 singles on the United Kingdom Top 40 chart. Campbell’s uncanny ability to vocally reinterpret and musically rearrange the song structures of classic hits complete with a reggae groove has garnered stunning and majestic results. The practice of putting a brilliant spin on classic cover songs has dominated the U B 40 repertoire proving that prolific artists may come and go but great songs endure forever. Justice and equality underscore the U B 40 lyrical expression as the power of love levels the playing field keeping their live show upbeat, sensual and exciting. U B 40 rose to prominence in the early 1980’s and were embraced as the official torch bearing reggae music ambassadors from across the big pond. U B 40 were the first British reggae band to achieve mainstream pop cross-over and commercial appeal complete with horns, harmony and catchy lyrics. The success was viewed as a pop version of England’s serious dreadlocked musical militant band Steel Pulse although all members shared the common influence of harsh British economic and racial oppression. Both bands continue to inspire, perform globally and still rule the old school reggae lovers listening choices as the popularity of reggae discovers new listeners. The upbeat musical energy that emanates from U B 40’s songs infuses a sing along, contemporary groove pop reggae sound that shoots straight to the heart of the drum and bass rhythmic foundation. Love is the potent ingredient of music new and old and the magnificent success of U B 40 over a period of over 30 years from 1979 through 2008, garnered a massive global audience of reggae cross - over music lovers. Achieving and charting Number 1 album’s, selling multiple top 10 Gold and Platinum albums, receiving Four Grammy nominations, and attaining Four number one singles worldwide is the U B 40 legacy of success. U B 40 has sold more than 70 million albums in a global market when CD sales supported the music industry and were actively purchased by fans. With the advances of online song access the main revenue stream to bands from album sales has been dramatically reduced and economic survival for performing musicians relies on live touring and concert ticket sales. After a legal and moral hiatus of eight years U B 40 is back out on the road with a vengeance. Unifying the original pyramid of vocalists has united the inimitable voice of Ali Campbell, Jamaican toastmaster Terence “Astro” Wilson and Mickey Virtue. The current sound is very vintage, authentic, pure and fortified with a road tested set list of lovable tunes. Universal love for U B 40 music keeps the global gigs rolling as the understated reggae superstars once again travel the world to keep the faithful dancing. Prestigious awards, industry recognition and massive record sales have kept the flame burning but it is the live presentation of the U B 40 catalogue that fuels the fire of retribution. Explosive delivery of songs, laser focused musicianship and feeling and living each song alive on stage without distraction is the U B 40 super live legacy. U B 40 has been nominated for The Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album four times and in 1984 were nominated for The Brit Award for Best British Group. The original U B 40 line up of globally talented multi-racial musicians represented heritage from England, Scotland, Yemen and Jamaica. It was the sexy vocalist from Ohio in America, Chrissie Hynde who at a London pub gig took the Birmingham boys under her musical wing and launched a tour with the up and coming youngsters as opening support for her super popular Music Television video star band, The Pretenders. For three decades the U B 40 original line up remained unchanged as major money changed hands and fell through the cracks. Being the torch bearers of classic hit make - overs can be tricky and critics have pointed out a credibility gap in U B 40’s masterful plan to give new life to popular proven songs as opposed to writing new material. Most importantly, the innate sound engineering and knowledge required to record and design new arrangements, apply vocal dexterity and consolidate the inside out reggae signature bolsters the reality that painting a better or equal renewed song structure is beyond challenging and unique. Often the result of covering and upgrading a classic song fails yet with the power of infusing reggae elements U B 40 indelibly etches an embraceable sound, more often improving the original with contemporary flare. The new U B 40 album “Silhouette” features an even mix of seven cover songs and seven originals that validates the band’s original artistic songwriting ability. The title track “Silhouette” was originally a 1957 hit for the American doo-wop group The Rays, and was later made famous by Herman’s Hermits in 1965. The updated “Silhouette” interpretation reflects an early 1970’s version by the Crown Prince of Reggae, the late, great Dennis Brown. The album “Silhouette” features reggae versions of classic rock and folk rock hits including The Beatles, “Anytime At All”, Bob Dylan’s, “I Want You”, and The Chi- Lites, “Yes I’m Ready”. “Silhouette” stands as a wonderful addition for every music collection as the complete U B 40 catalogue has 19 U B 40 albums to explore. Major rotation on cross- over, reggae, classic rock, rhythm and blues and oldies radio stations provides U B 40 with a broad easily recognizable spectrum of global musical tastes and a constant flow of new listeners. Raising a toast with the regular airplay of Neil Diamond’s vintage hit, “Red Red Wine” is a party anthem that can show up at any party. The well loved hit is the first U B 40 reggae single recorded in 1984 and reached Number One on the United States pop chart. “Red Red Wine” remains a fun, memory igniting favorite with a singable chorus that elicits smiles. Vocal legend Elvis Presley’s song,“"Can't Help Falling In Love"”defines the silky sound that U B 40 has branded sending shivers of love to listeners hearts. Songwriter and singer Sonny Bono and wife Cher’s heartfelt vocal harmonies defined the flower power generation with “I’ve Got You Babe”. The top charting hit magnetically attracted the lovely Chrissie Hynde to a sweet duet with Ali Campbell and the front lady for the Pretenders shared vocals with the man she made famous. A spirited live version of Motown’s The Temptations and Smokey Robinson’s 1964 hit 7 inch record, “The Way You Do Things You Do” is one of the finest U B 40’s classic covers and elicits a playful audience sing along. Dance friendly versions of “Cherry Oh Baby”, “Rat In My Kitchen” and “One In Ten” keep listeners moving and grooving with up tempo Ska reggae flavored beats. The only element missing from the current U B 40 performance is a concentrated esoteric, extensive deep dub versions offered in the U B 40 recordings vault. The incendiary mixes expressing pure platinum bass and drums interplay legitimized the band as prolific engineers and dub masters. The dub wise U B 40 recordings define the rhythmic essence of complex simplicity and are the roots of the U B 40 mystical magic. Even without vocals U B 40 hits a mainline music nerve illustrating the underlying power of sensory reggae. Live performance and recording often serves as a voice for the poor and the repressed uplifting people of every walk of life without judgement. The kinetic formula of America’s Motown sound meeting Bob Marley’s Jamaican Rastafarian beats and the viral spread of the reggae movement to England and the world clearly portrays the power of radio waves and records to influence and fuel the creative music dreams of urban youth. U B 40’s soulful reggae over shadowed a disco driven 1980’s giving forth a fresh sound derived from enduring, tried and true American classic songs. The intense and stressful rigor of International touring while maintaining a profit can enable questionable business practice causing divisional tremors into the artistic side of an ongoing project. The division bell rang causing the original U B 40 members to tour in separate bands. The branded voice of U B 40 Ali Campbell has had dissatisfaction with the band's past mode of operation and after leaving the original line up reunited with his original musician brothers, ‘Astro’ and Mickey and began to tour again. Often the division in a band is unbearable and in 2008 Ali Campbell and keyboardist Mickey Virtue left the band and were reunited with Terence ‘Astro’ Wilson when he left in November of 2013. The recent 2014 into now Ali Campbell fronted U B 40 touring unit is back, firing on all musical cylinders and shifting into full gear with a brilliant set list designed for original listeners with a full circle of hits. Ali Campbell’s stage persona is more like a crooning 1950’s pop star and his preserved looks match the quality and clarity of his voice. He has clearly avoided the stereotypical traits associated with reggae music sporting short red hair while aging gracefully. Once again defying gravity and basic rules of reggae, Campbell remains devoid of religious references and recognizes marijuana through ‘Astro’s’ clever toasting. Reggae music is universal one love music and the smiling man from Scotland, Ali Campbell loves to sing love songs. The common element of love gained and lost is a binding thread within the classic mega - hit songs U B 40 have discovered, subsequently covered, loved and recorded, and performed globally. When a song is chosen to be covered by U B 40 one can expect an upgrade of the original. The Jamaican bass of original member Earl Falconer and his brother sound technician and island music genius Ray “Pablo” Falconer planted the roots, rock reggae vibe in the British scene. Doing decent justice to a proven platinum song complete with reggaefied arrangements is brilliant if you can pull it off. Having the right smooth vocal tonality mixed with deep bass one drop drums is the enriched golden formula. U B 40 weaves a rock steady U K reggae pioneer rhythm marching forward with solid bass, heavy drums, complex keyboards and the rhythm time machine of Ali Campbell’s guitar. The three piece horn section featured a bold and brassy pyramid of trumpet, saxophone and trombone. Horn arrangements lift songs to new levels creating a solid backing track of pure melody. When not blowing their horns the rhythmic brass trio played percussion instruments adding a tribal ingredient. U B 40 delivered a vengeful tongue in cheek version of the self - penned 1986 chant sing along song, “Rat In My Kitchen”. The tight bass and drums locked into a bubbling energy igniting a dance frenzy that shifted from fixing the rat to kissing the rat goodbye. The high octane tune illustrates the frustrations of life’s journey and the ability to forgive, not forget but move on through the chaos and greed. A superb take on reggae legend Jimmy Cliff’s “Many Rivers To Cross” touched hearts and souls. A lovers version of the great Reverend Al Green’s “Here I Am Baby, Come and Take Me”, underscored the essence and power of love in rhythm and blues reggae’s lyrical expression. The sultry, pleading high and lonesome vocals in U B 40 written gems, “Don’t Break My Heart” and “Please Don’t Make Me Cry” display a vulnerable and embraceable side that solidifies the U B 40 sound into the hearts of millions. U B 40 has nothing to prove except the ability to carry on with authentic quality. The acoustically splendid Broward Center For The Performing Arts intimate Au- Rene Theatre is exquisite for live performance with each instrument and voice projected with clarity and truth. U B 40 has been touring for nearly a year with the current line - up of three horns doing double duty as percussionists, two keyboardists, rock solid bass and deep groove drums, and two guitars. U B 40 appears to be on a non - stop crusade as a legion of road warriors on a labor of love of music mission. Future U B 40 shows could offer a prolonged hearty sonic bomb dub jam of pure bass, drums with vocal and an electronic effects continuum to release the pressure to provide audiences with only recognizable hits. A perfect evening of grand expectations was capped off as the stellar night stayed on lovers lane with a predictable yet rousing encore, “Red, Red Wine” keeping everybody rocking and making everybody feel fine.

Wild Tales and The Rock & Roll Life! Legendary singer and songwriter Graham Nash came alive reflecting a time capsule of distinctive music and intimate conversation. The attentive Parker Playhouse audience was treated to a traveling museum of personal stories of the road, his love of the beautiful Joni Mitchell, the famed collaborations with The Hollies and his wild ride on the four way street with David Crosby, Steven Stills and Neil Young, the undisputed prolific harmony kings that defined a generation. The vital 72-year-old sonic treasure’s mind and heart remain razor sharp and his recognizable voice as powerful as the Woodstock era. Nash will be 73 on February 2nd and he continues to entertain with British flair showing no signs of retirement. Nash’s majestic acoustic performance was embellished by the haunting electric slide guitar magic of Shane Fontayne who toured with Sting and Bruce Springsteen. Nash blended an enriched palette of acoustic guitar, harmonica and keyboards displaying a distinguished mastering of his heaven sent vocals with the tones of the instruments that shaped his sonic visions. His flawless spirited versions of the classic rock gems, “Our House” and “Teach Your Children” garnered an audience sing along that melted hearts. The evening transformed into a cosmic channel of light with an angelic version of CSN’s “Wind on the Water” that indelibly etched his timeless voice into the audience’s collective soul. The acoustically splendid art decor of The Parker Playhouse in Fort Lauerdale is a must visit for the culturally aware. http:/

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Could Have Been Should Have Been Would Have Been Dead If I Didn't Get A Message Going Through My Head! The Chili's 25 Year Tour De Survival Is Signed Sealed and Certified Red Hot Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Status. Navigating The Swift Under Current of the Waters of Open Expression, Experimentation, Temptation and Endless Access Has Found Anthony Kiedis Dancing In the Light On Higher Ground. California's Kiedis and His White Hot Red Hot Chilli Peppers Slip Seamlessly Into A Ridiculously Insane Take On The Surf Disco Raver 'Give It Away Now'! Ripping Through The Greatest Chili Tunes and Blowing Everybody's Collective Skull The Red Hot California Beach Vibe Drenched In Love and Passion Translated Well To The Thousands Of Barely Clad Music Lovers. The Incredibly Cool Hangout Music Festival On The Soft Sands of the Southern American Coastal Beaches Has Officially Established The Incredible Event Weekend as A Southern Tradition, Not To Be Missed. Tatted Up, Muscle Ripped, Surf Punk Head Styled and Ready To Jump. The Chili's Multiple Platinum AK Voice Endlessly Surfs Radio Waves All Over Earth. Major Rock Star Been There Done That Never Gonna Stop Swagger and the Miraculous Strength of Kiedis Remains Timeless. Taking Flight On The Wings Of Fortune, Rising Out Of The Ashes of Woodstock 99's Fire Fiasco, Crossing The Bridge After Crawling Out From Under It's Addiction and Taking Command of Space Ship Chili Pepper Is Obviously a Cry of Victory and a Cry of Love! . Keeping It Get Down Funky, Freaky, Fast and Furious and Delicate as a Dragonfly Is Sir Anthony's Odyssey. Red Hot and Blue, The Chili Peppers Fireworks Remain Orgasmic. Visit Ian Rawn Photography at:

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Guitarist Vocalist Warren Haynes Led His Govt. Mule on a Blues Drenched Cosmic Freeway of Cool Jams!
Guitarist Vocalist Warren Haynes Led His Govt. Mule on a Blues Drenched Cosmic Freeway of Cool Jams!Guitar Master Warren Haynes Rocks the Mule!Drummer Matt Abts Holds Down A Killer Groove for the Incredible Jams of the legendary Mule!

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Guitar master Steve Kimock angelic strato casting reverberates into the heavenly realms.

Guitar master Steve Kimocks zen angelic styling reverberates with clarity into the heart, mind and soul.

Flute and keyboard virtuoso Kofi Burbridge from the Derek Trucks Band adds sonic spice every time

Flute, Hammond B 3 Organ and keyboard virtuoso Kofi Burbridge rocks the soul of The Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks Band!

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Lonesome George is Bad To the Bone!

Lonesome George is Ba Ba Ba Ba Bad To the Bone!

George Thorogood rocked Boca Raton's Sunset Cove Amphitheatre on Friday November 13

Who Do You Love? George Thorogood rocked Boca Raton's Sunset Cove Amphitheatre.

South Florida got real lucky on Friday the 13th as Hall of Fame electro - blues guitar

South Florida got real lucky as Hall of Fame electro - blues guitar troubadour George Thorogood and his Destroyers blazed the temperate evening with a scorching guitar and sax attack!

Cajun gumbo, swamp gator and a rich blend of New Orleans melting pot musical blends is Just what the doctor ordered

Cajun gumbo, swamp gator and a rich blend of New Orleans melting pot musical mojo is just what the doctor ordered and Dr. John delivered a Crescent City feast!

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The mystical spanish moss covered live oaks defines the pictureesqe North Florida

The mystical Spanish moss covered native oaks defines the beautiful scenic North Florida country and Spirit of Suwanee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida

Steve ‘Guitar’ Miller shows his indelible true Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame six string master intensity leaving everybody dancing!

Fly Like An Eagle at The Seminole Hard Rock Live!

Fly Like An Eagle at The Seminole Hard Rock Live! Classic Rock's Prankster of Love Brought His Sound Track of Hits to The Seminole Hard Rock Live to adoring fans!

The Joker Steve Miller Landed His Big Ole Jet Airliner in Swing Town To Spread His Sonic Abracadabra To The Jungle Lovers of Florida Living In the USA!  Classic rock king Miller played 20 different vintage guitars!

The Joker Steve Miller Landed His Big Ole Jet Airliner in Swing Town To Spread His Sonic Abracadabra To The Jungle Lovers of Florida Living In the USA! Classic Rock King Miller played 20 different vintage guitars!

The Steve Miller Band classic rock space ship brought a treasure chest of radio hits and party tunes!  The party began at Hollywood's world famous Seminole Hard Rock Live on Tuesday November 17. Better take the money and run!

The Steve Miller Band classic rock space ship brought a treasure chest of radio hits and party tunes!

Great grooves, sweet jams and the Rusted Roots Grow and Flow Deep!

Great grooves, sweet jams and the Rusted Roots Grow and Flow Deep into the Soulful Heart.

The electric eclectic artist enlivened Miami's Art Basel at the 7th Circuit Studios for a three day visionary art marathon!

Alex Gray electric eclectic art enlivened Miami's Art Basel at the 7th Circuit Studios for a three day visionary art marathon!

Power vocalist and rock icon Roger Daltrey brought a Who's Who of mega - hits and special deep cuts to The Seminole Hard Rock Live Hotel & Casino on Sunday November 29. We won't get fooled again!

Power vocalist and rock icon Roger Daltrey brought a Who's Who of mega - hits and special deep cuts and We won't get fooled again!

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