Hollywood Shines!

Hollywood Shines!

A seagull's view of Where Music, Art, & People Meet! The ArtsPark at Young Circle is located in a 10-acre circle named after the City's founder, Joseph Wesley Young in downtown Hollywood. Dedicated in March 2007, the ArtsPark offers residents and visitors a wide array of visual and performing arts themed educational, recreational, and entertainment activities. The ArtsPark at Young Circle is located at Hollywood Boulevard and U.S. 1 954 • 921 • 3500 http://www.hollywoodfl.org/

The Rhythm Foundation of Miami is a leading presenter of World Music in the United States. The Hollywood ArtsPark Experience Series features great live music! Hollywood ArtsPark Experience is a series of free concerts that presents amazing live music for the Florida community at the ArtsPark in the heart of Hollywood's charming downtown. The Rhythm Foundation produces these events for the City of Hollywood. http://www.rhythmfoundation.com/ 305 • 672 • 5202

Higher and Higher! The energized performance of New Orleans funky jambassadors delighted thousands of music lovers at Hollywood's vibrant ArtsPark at Young Circle!

Moore is just enough! Crescent City backbone! New Orleans funky music machine Galactic is driven by the super talented rhythm king Stanton Moore! http://galacticfunk.com/

All about the bass! New Orleans jam warriors Galactic launches a solid bass bottom with Robert Mercurio riding the rhythms with focused intensity. Mercurio grooves in the pocket complimenting the jam world's extraordinary drummer Stanton Moore! http://galacticfunk.com/

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